How to Cook the Perfect Poach Egg?


What do you need to cook for your breakfast? It doesn’t matter whether you eat sausages or baked beans, you’d more often than not love to eat poach eggs too. However, cooking poach eggs is easier said than done.

Learning cooking and still mess up when you try to cook the perfect poach eggs? Then this video will help you. Aimed to help you learn how to cook the perfect poach egg, the steps are really easy and you’d be able to cook before you know it.

You first take an empty cup and then a film to place over the cup in a particular way, to make a pocket. Now you need to pour in a little oil around it. Now, crack open the egg and put its contents in the pocket. You can then lift the clean film outside the cup and make a nice package. At the end of it all, you’ll have a poached egg that you could apply to the bread really easily. And you can have the poach egg in a pretty cool shape too! Watch the video to know how it is done exactly. We’re pretty sure you’ll love it.

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