What would you do if you saw an old man stuck in a crosswalk? While some people may patiently wait for it to come through, many others won’t be so kind. One of the officers knew this fact, and when he saw the lane turn from green to red, he knew he had to act fast.

What the drivers saw next completely surprised them, and when you see the amazing dash cam footage you’ll quickly see why.

As cameras rolled around the busy seven-lane intersection, an elderly man on crutches was seen slowly swaying in the street. Even in the middle of the road, the light suddenly changes and the cars start to take off. The three pilots in the middle lanes don’t move an inch, patiently letting the guy complete the crossing at his own pace.

A traffic cop standing nearby noticed the potentially dangerous situation and, in a fraction of a second, made the decision to let passers-by watch in disbelief. He was seen approaching the man as they exchanged two quick sentences in the middle of the road

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