During an interview with the local news channel in Little Rock, Arkansas, Dawn shared insights into James’ reputation within the community.

“People used to describe James as very angry, even mean. But he wasn’t,” Dawn explained. “James was simply hungry, cold, and scavenging for food in dumpsters.”

Dawn frequently spotted James on her way to and from work at the courthouse, piquing her curiosity. One day, she decided to strike up a conversation with him.

“I just asked him, ‘Why are you homeless?'” Dawn recounted. “I treated him with empathy – after all, we all have our stories.”

James confided in Dawn, revealing that he had lost contact with his family and had no means of reaching out to them. Dawn shared this with her husband, Jodi, and together, they embarked on a mission to locate James’ family. Through multiple calls, emails, and voicemails, they finally received a response. Around Thanksgiving, James’ niece reached out to the Giebers, expressing that they had been searching for James and had assumed the worst. The emotional reunion over a phone call prompted the Giebers to take James back to his family.

Before embarking on their 600-mile journey to reunite James with his family, the couple took a detour to the courthouse to address his outstanding warrants. Dawn stood before the judge, explaining James’ situation, and the judge graciously dismissed all charges.

The Giebers, accompanied by James, set out on their road trip from Arkansas to Illinois. Despite the long distance, Dawn described the experience as “incredibly rewarding.”

“It was simply the right thing to do – he’s a human being, and that’s what matters,” Dawn emphasized. received an update from James’ brother, revealing that James is “doing well.”

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