When a couple arrived at the house, they opened the gate to their property and a stray bull jumped into their car. They were surprised and did not know if this was a dangerous situation or if the dog could have been injured because he refused to move. But it wasn’t long before the dog showed how friendly he was.

They decide to take the sweet boy to the vet to examine him and see if he has any owners. Turns out he doesn’t belong to anyone, so Garrett and Emily have a pet now! But one day when they were outside, something picked up the scent and the bull ran into the woods. He disappeared.

They went to all the shelters in the area in the hopes that Buddy would be there, but it wasn’t until later that the shelter was contacted and said they had Buddy in their possession. The family is reunited again, and now the dog has his name and cell phone number tracked all the time so he never gets lost again.

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