Cuddly Newborn Puppy Snuggles With Stuffed Panda Bear

This tiny newborn pup just recently came out of the womb and into the cold world so he needed something to cuddle up to. In this video, you will see the teeny tiny puppy curling up with his best friend, which just happens to be a stuffed panda. This pair is honestly too adorable for words!


If you have not yet experienced cuteness for the day, make sure you watch this video so you can revel in it! This adorable pup almost looks like a panda so he blends in perfectly with his stuffed friend. These two are a match made in heaven. The stuffed panda does not mind getting all the puppy love and the puppy feels safe and secure in the arms of his cuddly friend. What a truly adorable video this is, so do not miss out. After watching, make sure to Please SHARE on Facebook with all of your friends.

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