Cute Cat Thinks She Is a Dog When Greeting Her Owner

Cats are some of the strangest, yet awesome, creatures on the planet! They are far superior than any other animal when it comes to keeping it cool. This little black cutie absolutely adores her owner and greets her in the most unique way. When the owner comes home, the cat immediately runs for the bed and begins to roll around just like an excited puppy would. Perhaps this beautiful kitten is a little confused and thinks she is a doggie!


This sweet video is sure to bring a smile to your face, especially if you have a fondness for cats. There is something about watching these inquisitive creatures that fascinates people and keeps them coming back for more. Perhaps we want to understand them better! What a cute sight to see a cat acting submissive like a dog would. This cat causes her owner to giggle and you will too. If you find this cat adorably cute, Please SHARE on Facebook!

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