It’s easy to see why this intimate story is so popular. A guy named Robin Swift recently traveled from his hometown of Cleveland, Ohio to Phoenix, Arizona – and he did so for the most exciting reason imaginable. Robin went to Arizona to pick up his new daughter, Rowe Andrea. He had received Ru-Andria’s guardianship and was eager to bring her back to Ohio with him.

After leaving the hospital, Robin and her four-day-old daughter checked in at Sky Harbor International Airport. Make sure you bring a doctor’s note stating that Ru-Andria has been cleared to fly. However, the ticket agent at the airport said they could not board the plane; Their policy prohibits children under the age of seven from stealing.

But Robin remembers an elderly woman he met in hospital the day Andrea Rowe was born. Joy Ringover, a volunteer at Banner University Medical Center, kissed Rowe Andrea within minutes of her birth. Back at the airport, something told Robin to take a chance and call Joey, even though they barely spoke to each other. Call Joey and explain his dire situation. “I’m coming to take you home,” she said without hesitation.

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