In most centers, children are cared for and loved when their parents are at work. However, you will soon see that this is not always the case. Read on for a story that will shock and disgust you.

My mum was terrified after nurses tied her daughter’s shoes to her feet
A mother was horrified when she picked up her daughter from preschool and found her…

— Geezwild (@Geezwild) May 24, 2018

Jessica Hayes is the mother of little Addison. When this young mother took her daughter out of a nursery in North Carolina, she immediately realized that something was very wrong. Addison was crying and she could tell she was in a state of annoyance.

She saw that Addison had swelling on her feet, as well as very visible bruising and red spots around the little girl’s ankles. Addison, just 17 months old, couldn’t tell her mum what happened. However, Jessica soon realized why she was crying.

Her shoes had tape attached to her feet, and the tape dug deep into her skin, causing red bruises and bruising.

Addison had just learned a new skill, taking her shoes off her feet. It’s something all kids seem to do at one time or another. However, the educators were upset with his new skill.

The two workers decided to “solve” the problem by attaching her shoes to her little feet. They tied the shoes so tight that there were bruises and red marks all over the little girl’s ankles.

After Jessica realized what was wrong, she called her daycare director. I asked to watch the video of the accident to see exactly what happened during the day.

Jessica can’t wait to share these photos online in hopes that parents will pay more attention to what’s going on at their daycare. Most people supported Jessica, although some were angry that the shoes she bought seemed too big for her baby.

However, Jessica was happy to warn people to be aware of what is happening behind closed doors.

The post brought an apology from the nursery manager and so the two employees were fired. The little girl will always attend the same daycare.

It’s good that this story has a happy ending. However, many children cannot fend for themselves or even talk about the daycare they are in. Jessica hopes her story will open their eyes to possible abuse and neglect.

Do you have any stories about nativity scenes? Tell us in the comments and be sure to share this story to warn other parents about the dangers of certain daycares.

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