The audience’s enthusiastic response prompted Morley to orchestrate a special opportunity for Mrs. Mackie: a trip to Edinburgh to record her favorite tune in a formal music studio. Morley joined as a backup singer, adding a final flourish by transforming the master recording into a format suitable for upload to the Apple iTunes store in the United Kingdom. The result? Their creation has now found a place on the music charts!

Surprisingly, their record secured a spot in the Top 40, rubbing shoulders with industry heavyweights like Ariana Grande and Lizzo. The achievement was nothing short of remarkable, and Mrs. Mackie, to her joy, grasped a substantial portion of the unfolding success. While she may never fully recover, experiencing a high quality of life and finding moments of joy aligns with the recommendations of many geriatric specialists for patients dealing with dementia.

Morley underscores the philanthropic aspect of their endeavor, pledging that one hundred percent of any profits generated will be directed towards supporting Dementia UK and the Alzheimer’s Society. This heartwarming collaboration not only brought musical success but also contributes to a meaningful cause

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