Rachel and JD Aument are both dog lovers who love to share their home with their best four-legged friends.

So when they found a beautiful dog named Brindle at a local shelter, they knew it was theirs. The thing is, they already had a dog named Xavier who was very attached to his human mother. So, in a way, it was very natural for JD to become Brindle’s favorite.

Brindle loved his new home and his new surroundings and no matter how much he loved Rachel, he loved JD a little more.

The cute dog made sure to follow his father every step of the way, so it’s no surprise that Brendel’s mood changed and he became very depressed when JD was posted overseas.

As he watched JD pack his things for the months-long trip, Brindle could sense that he would be left without himself. It affected him a lot. He was not in the mood to play, run, or even take a walk. All he has done is sit in a corner and yearn for his best friend.

Rachel thought the dog would be fine after a while, but things got worse every day.

Brindel even refused to eat because he felt too lonely and betrayed. The poor animal did not know that his master had not stopped loving him and that he would return home after the end of his service.

Xavier was as excited as Brindle, but Brindle didn’t want to let him get near his shirt.

Rachel says seeing the dog get too excited was an unforgettable moment.

A couple of months after he got the shirt, Brindle was able to see his friend in person and the reunion was a very touching one. Brindle now gets to spend as much time as he wants around JD until he is deployed again.

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