He Was Disabled, But When He Finally Hooks Up With His Mom… Priceless

Sammi is the Springer Spaniel living a good life. However, at 8 years of age, a bone extension is discovered to be growing around his spinal cord, and he has to undergo an operation to remove it.

However, the doctor doesn’t succeed in removing the bone, and Sammi is left almost paralyzed. His loved ones are desperate as his health nosedives.

The family then gets word of a good rehabilitation center in California, so they take Sammi to the California Animal Rehabilitation (CARE), Santa Monica.

Even the doctors there aren’t so optimistic of his recovery, but he goes on to receive daily therapy in standing and sensibilities. After 3 months, things change!

Sammi can walk, and run too!

This video chronicles the moment Janie, the dog’s human mom, came to see him after he recovered. The moment is epic, and Janie can’t keep her joy under wraps!

Watch this good clip and tell us how great you think this CARE is. When you see the dog jumping and running around, you won’t believe he was paralyzed, and that’ll make you want to SHARE this with your Facebook friends.