She emphasized her stance on not tolerating continual boundary-crossing, expressing concerns about allowing her daughter to grow up in an environment where she might struggle to assert herself and experience a lack of respect. Concluding the video, she directed a message to grandparents, urging them to “do better.”

Speaking to Sunrise, Baxter elaborated on her video, stating, “If we can’t allow our children to say no and we can’t teach them that it’s OK to say no, how are they ever going to be able to do that when they find themselves in difficult situations where they feel uncomfortable?”

While the video gained almost 800,000 views and went viral, it elicited a mixed response, prompting Baxter to disable the comments section. She acknowledged the diverse reactions, saying, “A lot of people are very outraged, which I understand. A lot of people have misunderstood the point of the message that I’m trying to get across.”

Before turning off comments, Baxter received support from both men and women. One man shared, “50-year-old, proud uncle here. I learned early to ask, ‘Would you like a hug, high five, nothing?’ Always cool. Always supported. It’s so important!”

However, some felt that she went too far in her perspective. According to Shared, one woman commented, “I encourage my 21-month-old to bond (through emotional and physical warmth) with my parents, and she is so connected to them. I really don’t get your anger.”

Baxter’s views have undeniably sparked a debate, with opinions divided on the matter

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