Have you ever experienced the rush that happens at Starbucks in the morning? That’s when the accident happened in the clip below. Instead of using the correct spot before getting a coffee, a rushed driver parked his car in the wrong spot and in the process blocked the entrance to the church. When he parked his car, he told Dale, a neighbor, that it would only take a minute. But he did not honor his promise.

It was then that Dale decided to teach her the importance of being polite. He brings a cup of coffee, a book and a chair. He even puts on his camera and sits right in front of the car. Don’t you think that served this man well since he closed an entrance intended for disabled or emergency use.

As the driver returns with his coffee, Dave can be seen enjoying his book and in no rush to leave. He also told her that he would be leaving in a minute. This is a nifty trick that has won over most people.

The protest was quiet and fairly quick, but it was certainly enough to intimidate the driver. Although I wonder how the situation would turn out if Dale stayed there a little longer. Watch the full story in the video below:

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