A Documentation of the Rescue Efforts For the Dogs Affected By Hurricane Katrina

Hurricane Katrina feels like it was a long time ago for some people. For many other people, it changed the course of their lives forever. It also changed the course of the lives of many dogs forever. Plenty of people lost their lives during this disaster, as did plenty of pets. Fortunately, countless volunteers and professionals worked to prevent the deaths of many victims, including the dogs. This video provides some documentation for these rescue efforts.


This is a long video, relatively speaking. It’s part of a series, making it a great choice for the people who want to learn as much about the issue as they can. The footage provides a wonderful firsthand look at what was happening during this point, and what it took to rescue the pets. People on Facebook who are interested in animal welfare in general and people who are interested in the history of this disaster will find this video particularly important and interesting.

World Animal Awareness Society

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