For many of us, our pets are like our children, so the thought of losing one is heartbreaking. This is exactly how the family felt when their dog Maggie disappeared.

The cute little dog was nowhere to be found, although he received an electronic chip. She was gone for a full 19 months before they finally got a call from a shelter saying that someone had found it and handed it over to them. With all the time that has passed, it was a miracle to say the least.

When Maggie was brought to Saginaw County Animal Care and Control, they were able to reunite her real family using the microchip. A mother and her daughters headed to the facility, happy to find their long-lost pet. However, because of everything Maggie has been through, I was terrified.

Check out the video below to see the heartbreaking ending to this story – it will surely make you want to give your fur babies an extra hug tonight.

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