In a bid to unravel the mystery of her puppy’s escape, the owner, unable to deduce the method on her own, opted to employ a hidden camera to document the situation. Strategically placing the camera to focus on the fluffy Maltese pup, she shrouded the kennel with a towel before briefly leaving the premises. Upon her return, as anticipated, the puppy had once again liberated itself from the enclosure.

Eager to uncover the truth, the owner eagerly reviewed the footage and was astonished by the revelation. In the household, there resided another dog—a clever German Shepherd. Being house-trained and mature enough to stay out of mischief when alone, this canine was granted the freedom to roam the house during the owner’s absence.

The video unveiled the German Shepherd’s prompt approach to the kennel door immediately after the owner’s departure. Swiftly removing the covering towel, the intelligent dog skillfully manipulated the kennel latch. In no time, the door swung open, allowing the Maltese puppy to make a quick exit. It appeared that the German Shepherd harbored a desire to engage in playful antics with its smaller companion during the owner’s absence

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