This Dog Sitter Went An Extra Mile With Mom’s Dog.I Still Can’t Believe What He Told The Dog…


This dog sitter is not the master of this dog. But he demonstrates a genuine bond between people and dogs.

When mom was leaving for a family retreat, he asked James Liakos to take care of her little dog, Skylar. Whereas she was troubled to leave her young skylark behind, Liakos did everything to let her feel confident.

Mom had a wonderful trip and was overjoyed when she returned to see her Skylar okay. James left her a recording to watch before leaving. Mom was totally impressed by what she saw.

Although we all expect that our dogs are taken good care of by those we leave them with, Liakos went an extra mile in this instance. The clip that he created and edited confirms how happy Skylark was and how well Liakos treated him.

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