It was the dog’s first taste of human kindness.
In Robstown, Texas, two employees from Shoreline Plumbing, plumber Carlos Carrillo and his colleague, were en route to a job location when they’ve suddenly noticed something unusual figure lying in a ditch by the roadside. They halted their vehicle, and squinted into the distance – it was a dog! The two quickly got off, and made their way towards it. To their horror, the dog had been tied up tightly with cable tubes – on all fours. Plus, its muzzle was sealed – with duct tape!

The poor pooch had been left there all alone, with no food, water, care and shelter. Only death awaited it. Fortunately, the two plumbers decided to rescue it, and used their tools to cut him free. The dog was presumed to be tied up for at least a day – but it was as friendly and as frisky as it can be once it was freed by the two good Samaritans.

Loading the happy but worn out pooch onto their vehicle, the two made their way down to an animal facility named Peewee’s Pet Adoption, which was a no-kill shelter located just near them. Despite his misfortune and past, the dog wasn’t aggressive at all – and this was good news for him. After all, he could get adopted very quickly!

A medical examination by the shelter vet found that the dog has a clean bill of health overall, despite a few heartworms – which require a course of medication to rid. His tail also would never stop wagging since he was rescued – the dog loves people! He’s such a friendly fellow!
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God bless the two men – they rescued a canine in need!

Folks who might be interested in adopting this sweet canine, please do contact Peewee’s Pet Adoption for more information. Also, be on the lookout for animal abuse cases – do contact animal control or phone 911 as soon as you spot an animal in need.

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