Driver Crashes Into Stone Wall As He Attempts To Drift Around A Tight Curve

This video is quite telling regarding the mishaps that occur when drivers attempt to race around tight curves while performing drifts. A few cars had pulled over to prepare for the rest of the race when they suddenly heard the whine of an engine and the screech of rubber as a car came slamming from out of nowhere, right into the stone wall on the side of the hairpin turn. This is one of the craziest videos you will ever see!


Can you imagine being this driver and experiencing the stress he must have felt as his car careened right into the stone. Luckily, he was able to walk out of it alive and with no major injuries! He could have been killed or caused another driver to be killed or injured. Drivers need to be careful when they are trying to drift so they do not lose their lives. Check out this frightening video and Please SHARE on Facebook.

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