Easily Make Your Own Homemade Nutella Poptarts for a Delicious Breakfast You Can Take on the Go

This video, from Laura in the Kitchen, will teach you how you can easily make delicious Nutella pop tarts for you and your family to enjoy any morning of the week. These make the perfect breakfast treat on the go and can even be enjoyed as a sweet snack after school or a hard day on the job. When you learn how easy it is to create your own homemade pop tarts, you will never want to eat the store-bought ones again!


For this delicious recipe, you will need some flour, cold butter, sugar, an egg, and a jar of Nutella. As you will see when you watch the video, this recipe could not be easier to throw together! Your food processor will do all the work of making the buttery dough and then you will simply need to roll it out and make your delicious pop tarts. After you watch, Please SHARE on Facebook for others to enjoy!

Laura in the Kitchen

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