Easy Method Leaves Windowsills And Sliding Glass Door Tracks Sparkling

Have you ever looked inside your windowsill or sliding glass door tracks and seen the nasty gunk that accumulates? Once you watch this video, you will learn about a super simple method of cleaning the track and freeing it of all of the stuck on gunk. This leaves the track sparkling clean without using any harsh abrasives, dangerous chemicals, and scrubbing. You simply put the two ingredients together, let them sit, and then wipe gently to remove the dirt.

Once you learn this cleaning method, you may find it useful for other dirty areas in your home. Because there are no chemicals, this method is perfect for cleaning safely so you are not exposed to harmful ingredients. You simply use baking soda and hydrogen peroxide and it does much of the work for you. This video is informative and will help you save time in your cleaning duties. Check it out and Please SHARE on Facebook