“He mentioned an opportunity opening up in Wilson, just nine minutes from his house,” Caviness recounted. “I couldn’t hold back my tears. I was like, ‘you can’t leave me.'”

Over the years, McCloud had become Caviness’s unofficial part-time therapist, providing a listening ear for her personal matters. They had shared tears together, and Caviness felt a deep gratitude not just for McCloud’s years of service to the community but also for the support he had offered her as a friend.

Upon learning about McCloud’s upcoming departure, Caviness was determined to help him. “When he told me about the opportunity, I thought, ‘How do I help him?'” she said.

To support McCloud, Caviness initiated a fundraiser through GoFundMe. Little did she know that in just 24 hours, the campaign would surpass its initial goal of $1,000, reaching an impressive $22,000 by the time McCloud completed his last shift.

On McCloud’s final day at the grocery store, Caviness made a purchase and asked him to escort her out one last time. Unbeknownst to him, a large crowd had gathered outside, cheering as he exited. The emotional moment left McCloud speechless when Caviness unveiled the grand surprise.

Reflecting on the unexpected outpouring of support, McCloud shared, “It’ll help me a whole lot. I’m blessed with it, you know.”

As of the latest update, Caviness’s fundraiser for McCloud has exceeded $30,000.

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