Eric Mouse was walking with two of his clients, Judah and Lily, in Prospect Park on Monday when he came across a large dog beside him. It was a bull tied to a tree with a note attached.

“Take me home. I’m a wonderful dog. I’m 7 years old. Don’t let my size scare you. I’m adorable.”

When Eric approached the other two dogs, the hole did not move an inch. She was truly the sweetest, sweetest bitch out there, so Eric took to Facebook and posted a photo of Mamas on a neighborhood page asking for advice and help, and within minutes the responses began. to arrive.

The dog walker knew he had to do something, but he didn’t know what. Mamas was abandoned by an owner who seemed to care for her somewhat, and Prospect Park isn’t a good spot for a dog to be alone.

A Good Samaritan met them near the tree and arranged for a car to pick them up outside the park to take them to Sean Casey Animal Rescue. A nearby shelter had shelter available for moms.

Eric Maus

The two left the garden together, but she had to take him slowly. Due to her size and a possible bladder infection, she was unable to walk at a normal pace. They charged her to take her to the rescue, and when she arrived, her hesitation seemed to completely disappear.

Looks like moms were ready to move on as she hopped out of the car and headed for the shelter! I knew she was finally safe

Eric Maus

Moms must be in good health and stay for the required waiting period, then she will be ready to move into her home forever.

Eric Maus

But for now, Mamas is only happy to be in the park and surrounded by people who care about him. Eric knows that anyone lucky enough to adopt a cute girl will have an amazing pet.

big h\t to The Dodo

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