This is particularly difficult for adults who are expected to be in a leadership position, such as teachers. Although parents have to deal with these incidents, some simply allow their children to be disrespectful.

Teachers often find themselves in this exact scenario every day. This is particularly difficult to manage in an underpaid profession. One Texas teacher was particularly frustrated with some of her empowering students and parents.

She became so angry that one incident prompted her to leave the profession altogether. She took to Facebook to describe a specific scenario that became her last straw.
In her article, Mrs. Marberger described the incident in which a mother became angry by blaming her son for his bad behaviour. The parent scolded Mrs. Marburger in front of the student.

Marburger has posted a series of disturbing photos on her Facebook that show the conditions in which she has to teach every day. Pictures show torn textbooks, destroyed bookshelves, a messy floor and a stack of gum on a windowsill.

Since Marburger did not have a class budget, all of the destroyed items were purchased with his personal budget.

She said she ended up enduring a range of unacceptable behaviors and was “drawing a line in the sand”. Marberger went on to explain that nearly half of her class failed because of missing assignments.

While teachers are responsible for educating children during the day, parents are responsible for everything else.

Parents should teach decency, respect, and other natural behaviors, allowing children to be taught by their teachers.
Teachers only have to deal with the occasional signs of disrespect and little annoyances that children will inevitably show. Mrs. Marburg is not alone in her feelings.

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