An Excellent Tango Performance on the Show Dancing with the Stars to the Song Confident

Dancing with the Stars has given people a lot of great dance performances over the years. Plenty of the individuals who star in the program really are talented dancers, and they are finally able to entertain people in this fashion when they’re given the opportunity to be on the show. The couple of dancers in this video are wearing striking costumes, and they make an impressive entrance on the stage the first time.

From there, they do a very well-coordinated tango to the Demi Lovato song Confident, which certainly matches the demeanor of the two dancers in the video. The two of them work very well together, and they manage to give a performance that is very entertaining and clearly well-rehearsed. People should please SHARE this video on Facebook, since it is one of the better Dancing with the Stars performances that they are likely to see, and it will appeal to dancing fans in general.

Dancing with the Stars