Experience This Deep and Emotional Country Track


One genre of music that has developed considerably over the years but never seems to get old or tiresome is that of country music. Artists are still considering the genre to be current and up-to-date and many individuals around the world enjoy listening to country music on a regular basis.

In this video we see a performance by three country singers who are carrying out a song called ‘Going down to the river’. Each singer has a very authentic country singing style and delivers a brilliant song that is both catchy and emotional to listen to.

The singers all give the song their greatest sense of emotion and we can see this in the singers facial expressions. There is a selection of emotions which run through their faces as the song develops and this moves from happiness through to sadness and concentration.

The track takes place in a wooden music studio and a selection of guitarists lay down a musical backbone for the singers who all sing in harmony with one another and then take it in turns to sing solo sections. To watch the full video click the following link.