Experts Agree Baby Sleeping Boxes are the Safest Place For Newborns

Most parents cannot imagine putting their baby in a cardboard box to sleep but this is precisely what parents in Finnland have been using for centuries. American parents typically put their babies in soft cribs with plush bumper pads and blankets. Unfortunately, this can cause a baby to suffocate. Since Finnland first began handing out baby boxes to new parents, their infant death rates have plummeted to the lowest in the world. If you are a new Mom or soon to be a new parent, this is a video you need to watch.

As you watch this video, you will be absolutely amazed. What an awesome and understated idea! Pediatricians agree this method of sleep is much safer than a traditional crib or bassinet. There is now a company that is making these boxes and they can be used until a child is eight to ten months old. Check out this interesting video and Please SHARE on Facebook.