Beauchamp was subsequently taken to a nearby funeral home, where staff members discovered she was alive when they unzipped the body bag. Her eyes were open, and she was breathing, as reported by The Associated Press. The funeral home promptly contacted Beauchamp’s family to share the astonishing news.

Geoffrey Fieger, the family’s attorney, informed ABC News, “When the body bag was opened and they were preparing to embalm the body, Timesha’s eyes were open, and she was breathing.” The family was overjoyed to learn that their beloved relative was still alive, providing a sense of relief. However, it is heartrending to consider the immense pain and distress the family must have endured.

Fieger further explained to ABC News reporters that Beauchamp is currently in critical condition at Sinai-Grace Hospital in Detroit. “Our primary concern, shared with the family, is her survival and well-being,” Fieger stated. He added that the doctors are unable to provide a prognosis at the moment and described the situation as uncertain.

What adds to the distress is the realization that Beauchamp would have undergone embalming if her open eyes and breathing had not been noticed. Local authorities stated that the paramedics followed standard procedures and did not appear to make any mistakes. Nevertheless, Beauchamp was mistakenly declared dead while still being alive, raising questions about how such an error could occur.

Instances of individuals “waking up” after being pronounced dead are reported worldwide, highlighting concerns about the potential for medical teams to make such mistakes. If a lawsuit is filed, more details may come to light. The story of Timesha Beauchamp has gained attention both locally and nationally, and any legal actions surrounding the case will likely be covered in future news updates

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