Fantastic Girl Learns Dubstep Dancing Entirely From YouTube

Dubstep seems to be all the rage nowadays with the youngsters. This girl, who became bored of her traditional dance classes, decided to spice up her learning and get to grips with dubstep dancing – and she learned her trade entirely through videos that had been posted on YouTube.

Adilyn Malcolm, 12, carefully studied the videos of some of the world’s best dubstep dancers – including the brilliant Marquese Scott – and tried to replicate their moves, as well as add her own unique touch to them. Considering she has effectively taught herself, she really is impressive.


We see from her dancing that she is able to keep in time with the music and pull off an array of highly-complexed moves. In the video, Adilyn states that she’s picked up all of her skills within the space of the year. Maybe in a few years her dancing will make her a household name! Please SHARE this video on Facebook.


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