A Father Shows us his Brilliant Dance Moves

There are a wide selection of videos on the Internet which show extremely funny dance moves that a wide range of individuals are carrying out.

In this video we see a father who is getting on in life decide to carry out some seriously groovy dance moves in front of his son, who manages to record the process.

The video suddenly becomes extremely funny and impressive as the father rolls out a series of extremely cool and well carried out dance moves.

It is obvious that he has had a lot of practice as he dances his way through a number of different routines.

The video continues in this fashion for a minute, and the father does not stop with the energetic dancing.

The son records and cheers him on. This is a funny video and will please those who enjoy seeing older men dancing away. To watch this funny video and get inspired to carry out your own dance moves, click on the following link and enjoy!