According to MacArthur Bryant and Teretha Wilson, their 10-year-old son, Tamarion, was completely humiliated when he got off the bus.

When Tiretha asked him what happened, he told her that he got in trouble with his teacher for saying, “Yes, ma’am.”

4:30 PM & 6 PM on @ABC11_WTVD: The parents of a fifth-grader in Tarboro are upset after their son got into trouble for calling the school “Ma’am” against his wishes. In response they say the teacher made him write the word over and over again on a piece of paper

Tiretha asked her son what he meant, and Tamarion showed him the paper on which he was to write “Madame” four times on each line, on the front and back of the page. It had to be signed by a parent.

Tamarion says the discipline happened after calling her teacher several times when he told her not to.

It’s not just the case of a boy who treats his teacher sarcastically. Tamarion was recently hospitalized for activities related to seizures.

This activity had multiple side effects, some of which were hallucinations and memory loss. He probably didn’t literally remember his teacher telling him to stop.

The teacher was unaware of the medical condition at the time the sentence was served. However, Tiretha says the woman has already expressed a desire to “throw something” at Tamarion.

The breeder in question said that it was not a serious threat and that Tamarion was aware that he was not dangerous.

Tamarion returned the paper with a signature, but her parents added a second page describing the word ma’am. Tamarion has moved to another classroom since the accident.

A school spokesperson told media that the matter had been resolved. But Teretha isn’t sure it’s over. She says what worries her is that something similar will happen to another student.

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