Fourteen-Year-Old Girl Is An Amazing Contortionist And Can Shoot A Bow With Her Feet

Sofie Doss is one of the most amazing fourteen-year-old girls on the planet! This young lady has an amazing talent you are going to have to see to believe! When she watched some videos on contortionists, she immediately fell in love with the sport. Not only did she begin twisting her body into unbelievable positions, she also learned to shoot a bow, using only her feet. When you see her auditioning for America’s Got Talent, she blows the audience away, along with the judges!

This young girl is truly talented and has an amazing future ahead of her! The way she can bend and contort her body will blow your mind! When she takes on her final pose and grabs her bow with her feet, the judges are in complete shock and do not know what to expect. When she expertly hits her target, the crowd goes wild! See this amazing young girl in action and Please SHARE on Facebook.