While the video doesn’t provide clarity on whether it’s a visit or a permanent homecoming, his German Shepherd couldn’t care less.

Meet Harley, the spirited young dog in the footage. As he enters the room, he excitedly greets the other family members, his attention fully focused on them. This unwavering loyalty is a characteristic often exhibited by Shepherds as they dutifully serve their family or pack. In fact, they have to instruct him to turn around! But as soon as Harley catches sight of the serviceman, he instantly recognizes his beloved companion. And he certainly doesn’t hold back in expressing his joy! Harley zooms around his friend, seeking affectionate pats and cuddles.

The excitement becomes so overwhelming that Harley’s owner must intervene and encourage him to settle down. However, it proves to be quite a challenge for the enthusiastic young dog. Fuelled by the exhilaration of the moment, he engages in spirited play, as dogs often do. Eventually, with some effort, he manages to calm down and draws near for gentle embraces, cherishing the closeness they’ve been longing for.

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