Girl Triumphs Over Her Disability and Learns Her Idol Is Her Biological Sister

We often prevent ourselves from reaching our dreams because we believe we can’t! In this video, you will learn the story of a young girl who triumphed over her disability and made the most of it. Not only did she prove there was no “can’t” in her vocabulary, she also found inner strength to carry her to her greatest dream.

This special young lady was born without any legs. Abandoned at birth, she was raised by a caring couple who taught her from an early age that there was nothing she could not do if she put her mind to it. The story that unfolds in this video is shocking and beautiful!

When this special girl learned the very idol that had caused her to want to be a gymnast was her biological sister, she was floored! It seems this great talent runs in the family. As you watch this video, it will make you realize that much of the limitations we feel we have are in our minds! After you enjoy this story, Please SHARE on Facebook for others to see!

Shai kuritzky