However, Taryn is from Spring, while Ben is from Ireland. They got pregnant in 2016, leading Ben to want a trip for the two of them to Ben’s homeland. Unfortunately, the couple didn’t have enough money to travel to and from Ireland – at least until that happened.

The half-Irish, half-Texan couple found out the half-Texan was pregnant in July 2016. Six months later, they were told her gender was a boy. Both expectant parents were excited about their developing child’s gender.

Both Ben and Taryn had stressful retail jobs that paid low hourly wages, which motivated them to work as hard as they could. On top of that, the couple had pretty much opposite schedules, and that didn’t leave them much time to enjoy each other’s company five to six days a week.

In January 2017, the month the Irish-American couple found out the gender of their child, the two had been dating for several years. Ben has always wanted to take the love of his life to Ireland. However, now that Ben knew he was going to have a baby in a few months, he was more motivated than ever to take Taryn to Ireland.

Unfortunately, they just couldn’t afford it.

Days after giving up hope of traveling far to the European island, Ben miraculously received a $750 tip from a casual out-of-town customer he had never seen before. Ben and the stranger had a short chat, during which he shared his strong desire to soon take his family of three to visit family in Ireland.

After the customer left, Ben started cleaning the table. “Hope this brings you back to Ireland for the holidays,” the receipt read.

Ben broke the news to his girlfriend by carelessly sharing the receipt with her at the end of his shift. Taryn took a photo of the receipt and uploaded it to Facebook, where it quickly went viral. Shortly after, the couple traveled to Ireland with their healthy newborn baby.

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