Gorgeous TP Dress Shows Design Creativity

Not many women can design and create a wedding dress from items commonly found around the house. It takes an even more talented woman to design a dress made from toilet paper! Amber Mills, a former marine who is currently a busy mom who suffers from multiple sclerosis, channeled her despair and pain into an unusual creative outlet.

After reading online about a toilet paper wedding dress design contest, she was all in to make hers the best. Using just TP, glue, scissors, and a needle and thread, this imaginative mom used strands of taped toilet paper along with boiled rolls made into a paste to form intricate design patters on her fashion creation. The result was a gorgeous, feminine bridal creation that is sure to wow the judges of the contest. From looking at the finished creation undergoing a model photo shoot, you would never know it was made from bathroom tissue, due to the talent of Mrs. Mills.

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