The veteran Polish warrior completed his last mission – he accompanied his granddaughter in the church corridor.

The groom was hardly crying when he saw that his bride was accompanied by his grandfather in the church.

The wedding took place in Bialystok, near the Polish border with Belarus, and there was no shortage of lively spectacles among the guests.

Two days later, Bronislaw Karovsky died at the age of 94.

And in a video filmed during the wedding, it turned out that the grandfather of the bride was ill, but nevertheless accompanied his granddaughter Guano to the altar in military uniform, where many awards were hung.

Karowski was a well-known Polish veteran of World War II. He was part of the Polish movement against the Nazis, and also participated in the Warsaw Uprising.

When they caught him, he escaped from the Gestapo base in Lomza in northern Poland, but soon after was captured again. He was an opponent of the communist government in Poland, which is why he was sentenced to ten years in prison.

After the liberation of Poland, Karwowski received many awards for his achievements during World War II.

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