Teachers have a special invitation. The teachers are patient and loving, and they are like family to the students. Meet Liz. Liz is no ordinary teacher, and her students had a special surprise for her on her wedding day. Liz is a dance and musical theater teacher beloved by her students. Her fiancé Oli and the children have reserved a special surprise for the beautiful bride.

Lizzie and Olly stand facing the altar. They hear a knock on the back, and it gets everyone’s attention. It seems that Liz didn’t notice anything until Olly showed her. Liz turned behind her and burst into tears.

Liz finds her students singing for her.

The children sing “A Thousand Years” by Christina Perri, and their small voices wow the audience.

Oli planned the surprise with Garen, and the little gesture meant the world to the kind-hearted professor.

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