An initiative that started as a side business has turned into an active attempt to help the environment. Amarildo Silva, who comes from Paraíba, Brazil, wanted to find ways to add some money to his cashier income. Since there is a lot of useless garbage on the street, he came up with the idea of ​​​​reusing old tires.

Whenever he has free time, Amarildo collects discarded tires and gives them new life by turning them into special animal beds. It has already sold more than 500 pieces so far.

Delivery is mainly done within Brazil, but his efforts have become so popular that he’s already getting orders from Europe, North America and Asia.

Aside from animal beds, she also added flower pots and recycling bins to her collection of creations. His works have become so popular that he is now required to speak to young people in various public schools.

Amarildo Silva lives in Paraíba, Brazil. He has found a way to help the environment while creating something that animals will love.

Colorful and attractive sleeping animal beds.

Meet some of the furbabies who have enjoyed his creations. Here’s Bella.

This one’s Baruck.

This one’s Bidu and his friend.

These are the twins, Aylla and Lua.

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