A Handicapped Toddler Who Has a Prosthetic Leg Valiantly Takes Her First Steps

There has always been something both inspiring and adorable about toddlers taking their first steps, but in this case, it manages to be particularly inspiring and adorable. The toddler portrayed in this video has a prosthetic limb, and she takes her first steps in the manner of any other toddler. She’s happy the whole way through the video as well. Toddlers have no concept of the difference between a prosthetic leg and a natural one. Indeed, as this video demonstrates, there really isn’t one. It is possible that this toddler will grow up without believing that there is a difference as well.

The toddler in the video manages to stand up and move forward perfectly by the end of the video. She has completed this important life moment. This is a video that people should please SHARE on Facebook, because it is genuinely adorable to watch, and it is the sort of video that can change people’s minds about the nature of disability.