Harpist Performs Exquisite Rendition Of “Shut Up And Dance”

If you love Walk the Moon’s “Shut Up And Dance”, this video will make you smile. Here, you will see an Irish harpist who is incredibly talented. As he plays his harp, it creates a beautiful sound that blends perfectly with his voice. This cover is so amazing, it competes very well with the original, yet holds its own unique style. It is a joy to see true talent like this so make sure you do not miss out on any part of the video.


You have never heard a harpist with such modern style. This is sometimes considered a classical instrument but this man has been able to take the harp right into the twenty-first century. His talent is truly amazing to behold and he clearly puts his entire being into performing this song. If you enjoy this performance, Please SHARE on Facebook so others can give this man the props he deserves.


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