An Introduction to the OnCamera App That Explains How the App Could Save a Person’s Life

This is a video that a lot of people need to see, partly because it addresses issues that not a lot of people want to think about even at the best of times. The video depicts a lone young woman who is walking to her car in a parking lot as a larger, strange man follows her, getting gradually closer.

The video details the statistics on violent crime, specifically how it happens to the majority of people at some point during their lives, particularly when it comes to women and sexual assault. The video then makes it clear that it takes twenty minutes for a police officer to arrive in situations like this. The woman in the video instead responds to her attacker by pointing her phone in his face, which displays a recorded message saying that the attacker’s actions are being recorded and he is not going to get away with what he is doing.


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Clarissa & Thomas Lehmann

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