Irish wedding as guests put on a Beautiful singing Show in The Morning


Two years ago, an Irish wedding video landed online, in which guests celebrated late into the morning.

At the time, only a handful of guests were present, along with the bride and groom, and together they took care for a wonderful singing performance.

The video was made in the Irish county of Tipperary when the wedding party was going on until 5am. Guests Clodagh, Patrice and Ronan sang the Irish song “The Rattlin ‘God” originally performed by the band The Irish Rovers.

Robert Rice,Youtube

Their performance is fascinating and wonderful at the same time, and almost one million YouTube users have watched the video to date.

Take a look at the scene from an Irish wedding as guests put on a beautiful singing show in the morning. Will they impress you with their musical performance as well?

Source: klipland