Is Going Viral in Canada Do You Miss Winter? This Morning Scene From Alberta


There are only a few of us who miss the winter. We were practically witnessing low temperatures a good week ago, but now the whole US has warmed up.

Even though we are already in June, they do not have a perfect summer weather in all countries. This is evidenced by a video clip coming from Canada.

From the city of Water Valley in the Canadian province of Alberta, northwest of the city of Calgary, here comes the scenes taken on the camera on June 7th. Tammi Rae posted live video on her Facebook profile that morning.

In the video, we can see a strong snowfall that has covered the surrounding area in the Canadian province of Alberta.

If you are already tired of the heat and sunshine yourself, then you can go to Canada where you will definitely enjoy the right winter conditions. Take a look at what kind of morning the locals witnessed two days ago!

Source: klipland