Josh Groban Records Himself Singing “Hallelujah”


Many people demonstrate their singing abilities, especially in the bathroom, where the conditions for singing are usually the best.

A few months ago, the legendary Josh Groban also sang in the bathroom with violinist and singer Lucia Micarelli.

Josh Groban began singing in the world famous Hallelujah bathtub in 1984, signed by Canadian singer and musician Leonard Cohen. The famous violinist Lucia Micarelli helped him in his work, and to date their video has gained over 700,000 views on YouTube.

Josh Groban ,Youtube

Many musicians paid tribute to the courageous medical staff who took care of the sick during this difficult time.

Hear the 1984 hit “Hallelujah” by Josh Groban and Lucia Micarelli. Can they win you over with their game?