Kelly Clarkson Gives a Magical Rendition of ‘Piece By Piece’

We all love Kelly Clarkson and know how good her singing talents are, but even we were amazed at just how good a performance of ‘Piece by Piece’ she gave on American Idol.

The first winner of American Idol obviously has talent, and it is clear that this show brings the best out of her. She was given a big build up by the judges, and she delivered.

The emotional song was sung at the right tempo, and Kelly’s class as a singer shone through as she effortlessly hit the most testing parts of the song. The judges watched on in awe as Kelly owned the stage that was once hers.

The audience, evidently delighted by Kelly’s magical singing voice, gave her a well-deserved standing ovation and round of applause, which lasted for quite a while! Please SHARE this video on Facebook.