The school meals law in the United States has come under intense scrutiny. Many people agree that most of the time, current politics cause “lunch shame” and erode children’s education and self-esteem. In some schools, children who cannot afford their lunches have to have a jelly sandwich or watch their lunches thrown in front of other students.

Last March, a New Hampshire cafeteria worker was fired after allowing a student to accumulate an $ 8 shortfall in his lunch account. Bonnie Kimball was at Mascoma Valley Regional High School for about five years before the school’s salesperson, Cafe Services, completed her.

As of March 28, the school’s contract with Cafe Services was being renewed, so a vendor sector manager was on site monitoring staff. A competing supplier was also present.

With the vendor’s contract in jeopardy, the cafe staff were on their best behavior, but their supervisors also instructed them not to cause scenes in the queue, which would presumably include throwing in food for students.

When Kimball contacted the student in question, she discovered that he didn’t have the money to pay for the meal. With the district manager watching the staff, she called the referee, “My manager told me, ‘Don’t cause any scene in the contract,’ Kimball said. ‘I said calmly,’ Tell your mother. that you need the money. ‘”Immediately after the transaction, the district manager asked Kimball. than what was in the student’s tray.

The student debt was paid off the next day, but it didn’t matter, Kimball was called into the office and fired. Kimball received an official letter of termination from Human Resources, which alleged that Kimball violated several policies regarding students unable to afford their lunches.

When speaking with the union leader, the director of human resources complied with the ministry’s decision, saying Kimball was indeed violating the policy. Two of his Kimball teammates quit their jobs to support Kimball, but Kimball was not reinstated.

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