Little Girl and her German Shepard Bodyguard

Staying safe starts with lessons at home – and, let’s face, it doesn’t hurt to have a little help from man’s best friend. The five year old little girl featured in this video gets a very informative lesson on how her German Sheppard companion can help to keep her safe if a “bad buy” comes around. The video lets you see how the dog has been trained to only release for certain words, ensuring that if a real bad guy comes along, , the little girl would be able to get away and find help.


There are some who believe dogs and children don’t mix; however, this video displays how helpful they can be. It is important to realize that both the dog and trainer in the video have prior experience and this is not something you should just try with your pets on your own.

However, unlocking their potential in terms of protection may be something you want to look into. There is no question that this little girl will stay safe with her four-legged friend by her side. Please share this video on Facebook!

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