Little Girl Melts Hearts When She Meets Her Newborn Sister

This little lady finally understands what it means to love someone who is inferior to her. Now she understands that she will protect the little guy for decades. She is officially the older sister!

This is the moment that this girl finally meets her sister and it is really a pleasure to watch. If you tend to cry when you’re happy, make sure you have a napkin.

This is probably one of the most difficult professions in the world. If not the hardest part. Have you held the baby in your arms for nine months and paid special attention to his or her health, baby, childbirth and parents?

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The older sister came out from behind the curtain with a very worried face. It must have been unbearable for this little lady to wait to finally see her brother!

Having siblings is also good for your health.
Your brothers and sisters will drive you crazy many times. But this is all part of it. She teaches her children to share, make peace and forgive. Brothers and sisters will cry too. They act as a support system. This means less loneliness, fear and guilt. Improves mental and emotional health.

There will be an endless number of everyday anecdotes and secrets. Because mom and dad don’t need to know everything.