Our dogs love us so much that they will remain loyal to us even after we die. We have seen many stories of pets staying near their late owner’s deathbed or even visiting their grave

In China, a loyal dog waited four days on the Yangtze River Bridge after seeing his owner kill himself by jumping from the bridge into the river. The heartbreaking images have touched the hearts of thousands after photos of the loyal dog were posted online.

The dog waiting on the pier of the bridge was photographed by a resident known as Shaw. Mr. Shaw wanted to bring the dog home, and on Friday, when he went to pick the dog up from the bridge, the dog was too scared to approach the man and ran away.

Shaw tried to pick up the dog himself, hoping to find him a good home. But after learning from nearby workers that a man had jumped off the bridge on May 30, he realized the dog belonged to the deceased and was faithfully awaiting his return.

The dog did not accept any food or water, only staring at the railing, confused by what had happened.

What a heartbreaking story. It shows how much our dogs love us and how loyal they are even after we are gone.

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